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Postdoctoral Positions

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has several open postdoctoral positions in experimental and theoretical research. We welcome applications from anyone working in high-energy density science. The activities of our group cover the whole range of interest from x-ray free electron laser to relativistic laser plasma interaction research.

Long-term Visitors

The SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory HEDS Division would be pleased to arrange visits to our group from physicists who have won traveling fellowships or have other sources of outside financial support. To inquire about visiting our group under such an arrangement, please contact Siegfried Glenzer, In principle, we can provide a supplement to outside fellowships, but our funding for this purpose is severely limited.

Summer Program

The HEDS Division has a limited budget to support students who wish to visit the laboratory in the summer. We welcome summer visitors in all fields of experimental physics, but especially students who would like to get involved with x-ray free electron laser experiments and simulations. To inquire about the summer program, please contact Siegfried Glenzer, or Arianna Gleason, If it is possible, we would like to hear from you before March 31 for a visit in the upcoming summer.

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) Program

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory stands as a globally recognized institution, providing research prospects in physics, chemistry, materials and environmental sciences, astrophysics, scientific computing, and various engineering fields. For undergraduates pursuing degrees in science or engineering, SLAC's summer internship program presents thrilling chances to engage in hands-on research. The Summer 2024 Term SULI Applications are due January 9, 2024 5pm ET. To find out more visit SULI.