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DOE funding for cryogenics has shown a new path towards high-energy protons

New experiments on the Draco laser (Germany) and the Texas Petawatt have successfully completed indicating high-energy laser produced protons. These experiments are motivated by large-scale 3D particle in cell simulations. The simulations indicate that the interaction of an intense short-pulse laser beam with a cryogenic hydrogen target is capable of producing a proton beam with energies up to 60 MeV.

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Post-doctoral Fellows Awarded APS IRTAP

Dr. Will Schumaker and Dr. Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna were awarded a USD$2,000.00 travel grant through the American Physical Society's International Research Travel Award Program (IRTAP). 

This program, established in 2004, seeks to promote international scientific collaborations between APS members and physicists in developing countries.

Warm dense matter at Jupiter's core

Experiment Provides the Best Look Yet at 'Warm Dense Matter' at Cores of Giant Planets

From SLAC Office of Communications

Shock Wave Experiment at SLAC’s X-ray Laser Tracks Formation of a Mysterious Type of Matter

In an experiment at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, scientists precisely measured the temperature and structure of aluminum as it transitions into a superhot, highly compressed concoction known as “warm dense matter.”


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