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portrait of Ben Ofori-Okai standing outside next to accelerator housing

A day in the life of an extreme matter scientist

Ben Ofori-Okai learned the difference between an MD and a PhD at a younger age than most when someone introduced his father, a chemist, as “Dr. Ofori-Okai.”

“I was only 4 years old, but I remember thinking, ‘My dad’s not a doctor. He doesn’t treat people,’” Ofori-Okai says. “That’s when I learned that there was a different kind of doctor: a scientist.”


Sam Totorica won the Jack Eddy Posdoctorcal Fellowship

Fellowship overview:

The Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship is sponsored by the NASA Living With a Star program and is designed to train the next generation of researchers in the emerging field of Heliophysics. John "Jack" Eddy (1931-2009) was a pioneering solar researcher, and was honored with the debut of the Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship in 2009.  The fellowship will support me for postdoctoral research at Princeton University, hosted by Professor Amitava Bhattacharjee.

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Post-doctoral Fellows Awarded APS IRTAP

Dr. Will Schumaker and Dr. Bhuvanesh Ramakrishna were awarded a USD$2,000.00 travel grant through the American Physical Society's International Research Travel Award Program (IRTAP). 

This program, established in 2004, seeks to promote international scientific collaborations between APS members and physicists in developing countries.


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